The Ohio State University, Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center announces the release of ARMOR, a productive spring oat cultivar for Ohio and surrounding states. Armor, is a high-yielding line, averaging 4 bu/A higher than Ogle in Ohio tests. The variety is similar to Ogle in appearance with excellent resistance to lodging. It is mid-season in maturity, being a day later than Ogle and 2 days earlier than Porter. Armor stands slightly taller than average when compared to Noble, Ogle and Porter. Armor has moderate resistance to the barley yellow dwarf virus.



The Ohio State University, Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center announces the release of BURTON spring oats. Burton is a productive oat cultivar bred for Ohio and surrounding states. It is a high yielding line, similar to Armor, averaging over 16% higher in yield than Ogle in Ohio tests from 1992 through 1994. Burton is similar to Armor in appearance and in resistance to lodging but is somewhat taller. It is midseason in maturity being equal to Armor and a day later than Ogle. Burton has excellent test weight averaging over 35 lbs./bu. in Ohio tests. Burton is less tolerant to the Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus than either Armor or Ogle but is similar to Noble. Burton does not possess resistance to prevalent races of crown rust and should not be grown in areas in which this disease is a problem.

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CORRAL (IL00-7267) – Corral is a spring oat variety that was developed by the University of Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station and is a joint release with the New York State Agricultural Experiment station at Cornell University. Corral has been evaluated in Illinois, Minnesota, and New York. It is intended for production in New York, Pennsylvania and similar northeastern environments. Corral is tolerant to barley yellow dwarf virus. It is susceptible to moderately susceptible to corn rust, depending on prevalent local races, and is susceptible to loose smut. Corral has light yellow kernels with seed characteristics most similar to Ogle. Up to 0.5% tall variants and are allowed and up to 0.5% fluorescent seeds are allowed. Corral will be released as a public variety and seed classes to be produced are limited to Foundation and Certified. The New York Seed Improvement Project is responsible for producing breeder and Foundation seed stock.


KONA is a new traditional forage and spring type oat that produces bright green foliage. Kona has demonstrated Barley Yellow Dwarf virus resistance in field tests and has shown tolerance to crown rust. Kona oats are similar to Jerry Oats. This variety is exclusively licensed to a U.S. firm and is a U.S. Protected Variety (PVPA 1994). Certificate No. 201100374.


OGLE resulted from a cross of Brave 2 x Tyler x Egdolon 23 made at Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station. The variety was released jointly by the Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station and U.S. Department of Agricultural with Nebraska, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York stations as cooperators. Ogle is a very high yielding, widely adapted, medium maturing variety with excellent resistance to barley yellow dwarf virus. Compared to the variety Lang, it is higher yielding, several days later, several inches taller, equal in test weight, lodging resistance, and grain quality and very much superior in barley yellow dwarf resistance. Rust and smut reactions are similar to Lang. The kernels of Ogle appear similar to Lang. They are yellow, non-fluorescent, slender and finely tapered at the tips. The primary kernel of Ogle often contains a prominent 1- to 3-cm long awn. Although the breeder seed of Ogle appeared to be uniformly non-fluorescent, the variety was not selected for uniformity of this character during its development.


SABER – IL02-8658 – Saber is an early maturing high yielding oat variety developed by the University of Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station. Over the last two years Saber was placed in the top LSD group at 15 of 16 locations and was the highest yielding line numerically in 10 of 18 locations. The pedigree of Saber is Tack/Spurs. Saber is about two days earlier than Jay and has the same heading date as Don. It is about 4cm shorter than Chaps. The test weight of Saber is very good and has been about 1.4 lbs./bu. higher than Jay and about 2.2 lbs./bu. higher than Chaps. Saber is tolerant of BYDV with an average of 3.1 (0-9 scale where 0=very tolerant) compared to 4.5 for Jay and Chaps. Saber is susceptible to lose smut and is moderately resistant to moderately susceptible to crown rust. Saber has light yellow kernels with kernel color similar to Ogle, and the variant allowed is 0.5% talls . Saber will be released as a public variety. Seed stock will be maintained by the Agricultural Alumni Seed Improvement Association, Inc.


VISTA is a mid-late season oat variety released by the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1999. Vista has consistently shown high grain yields in Wisconsin statewide tests with seed test weights similar to Belle. Vista heads two days later than Ogle. Plant height is similar to Troy with lodging similar to Gem. Vista has excellent crown rust resistance and tolerance to barley yellow dwarf virus.


NOBLE oats were developed at Purdue in cooperation with USDA/ARS and released to Certified seed growers in 1974. Noble has a complicated parentage but essentially is an improved Tippecanoe type. Noble is a stiff-strawed mid-season variety that has brownish-yellow kernels. It is moderately resistant to loose smut. It is susceptible to the prevalent common races of rusts.