APEX is a semidwarf soybean variety bred specifically for its adaptation to high yield environments. This variety was jointly developed by the USDA-ARS and the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center of the Ohio State University and released in 2002 as a public variety. In the maximum yield trials at Wooster, Ohio, Apex has averaged 90 bu./a over 3 years, compared to 82 bu./a for Charleston. Apex is a mid to late group III (3.9) variety, has purple flowers, tawny pubescence, brown pods and shiny yellow seed with black hilum. It carries the Rps1k gene for resistance to Phytophthora root rot. Like all semidwarf varieties, Apex should be solid-seeded in 7 to 10 inch row spacing at a seeding rate of 300,000 seeds/ac for maximum yield. Apex is recommended for uniformly high yielding fields and on the more productive soils in site-specific-farming. An allowable variant of up to 0.7% other flower color has been assigned to this variety.