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Varietal Purity
Mechanical Purity
Eye Appeal – Soybean
Seed Count
Bushel Weight
Hard Seed
Cold Test
Saturated Cold Test
Extended Cold Test
Accelerated Aging
Tetrazolium Test
Warm Sand
Early Growth Rate
Hypocotyl Grow Out
Hypochlorite Test
Peroxidase Test
Dimensional Width Sizing % (Soybeans only)
Soybean Sprouting Test
Potential Emergence Predictor (PEP)
Coleoptile Grow Out
Fast Green
Vigor Test
Noxious Weed Exam
Undesirable Grass Seed Exam (UGS)
Fluorescence Test
Vegetable Seed Purity
Vomitoxin (ppm)
Cover Crop Test Special (Germination, Purity, Nox Weed)
Herbicide Tests (RR, STS):
Soak Test (200 seeds)
Soak Test (1000 seeds)
Roundup Ready® Lateral Flow Strip – Bulk
Roundup Ready® Lateral Flow Strip – Seed/Leaf
Envirologix Trait QuickScan Quantitative Test
Envirologix Vomitoxin (DON) Quantitative Test
Plate Tests and Lateral Flow Strip Tests (Liberty Link, Cry1Ab, Cry3Bb, etc.)

Note: this may not be a complete list. Please contact us if there’s a test you need not listed on this page.